Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning London

Using a variety of  traditional & modern  methods, our teams will have your glass gleaming in no time!

Blocks of flats to London's skyscrapers, we have all your window cleaning needs covered.

Traditional approach - Internal & low level.

Water fed pole  - External up to 65ft.

Rope access / abseiling - Internal & external awkward access or extreme height.


our methods


Traditional window cleaning

Traditional window cleaning methods, using squeegee & soapy water are used on lower level or internal windows. All our restaurant and retail clients benefit from regular window cleaning using traditional methods.


rope access window cleaning

Rope access window cleaning is used for those awkward access or extremely high buildings that more commonly used access methods are not suited to. Our fully qualified, highly trained experts are here to help.


water fed pole window cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning has become more common over the last few years. It utilises 100% purified water to reach & wash windows up to 65ft from the ground, while still maintaining complete safety for the operator.

no problems, only solutions!

At Regency Cleaning, our focus is on providing a quality product in a safe manner. We do not cut corners just to complete a job. We ensure all safe processes are understood and adhered to every step of the way. By doing this, our staff are able to produce a very high standard, safe in the knowledge that they will not be asked to do something that is not safe to do.

Every window cleaning job we undertake is assessed individually and RAMS are written to ensure complete safety for our staff and everybody involved.

When we send out a window cleaner to your property, we send people with years of experience in their particular field. Staff will always be polite and courteous, completing the task and leaving everything clean and tidy.


Fast delivery

Just an email or a phone call with your instruction will result in one of estimators providing an accurate quotation within 48 hours.

site inspection

A full site inspection will be carried out prior to any work being completed. This allows us to provide full, site specific RAMS for every site.

scratch removal service

Should your glass be in less than perfect condition, we offer a scratch removal service. This will ensure all scratches are polished out of the glass to leave a crystal clear finish.

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