Rope Access

rope access

Rope access window cleaning for awkward access or extreme height is the solution to many of London's window cleaning problems. Allow our highly trained technicians to clean your windows without expensive motorised equipment or scaffold.

Our abseilers deal with builders cleaning as well as regular cleaning along with many building maintenance issues.

rope access services


window cleaning

Rope access window cleaning for regular, maintenance cleaning, after builders  cleaning or one-off.


pressure washing

Rope access pressure washing of building facades using high pressure cold water or super heated water at low pressure.


building maintenance

Rope access building repairs and maintenance from bird proofing to painting and gutter problems.

our expertise

Rope access or abseiling, as it's commonly referred, is the process of using ropes attached to anchor points on the roof that allow fully trained technicians to descend to the work area.

Anchor points can be permanently fixed to the building or temporary equipment can be used which is then removed from site once works are complete. In all cases, rope access anchor points need periodic load testing to ensure suitability.

There are any number of tasks that can be completed using this access method. window cleaning is quite common in the cleaning industry but also, facade cleaning, pressure washing and steam cleaning.

Building maintenance involves any number of jobs. Our abseilers are often called upon to assist other trades in their work, such as glazing or cladding installation, but more often, they work independently to install bird proofing, apply sealants, repair faults & carry out external building inspections.

The main advantage to using rope access is that works can be completed with a very quick turn around as there is no requirement for additional access equipment such as scaffold or MEWPS. Also, all equipment is removed from site at the end of each working day eradicating the need for Local Authority Permits.

Building Maintenance

All our building maintenance abseilers carry their own tools and equipment to perform the task quickly and tidily.

Environmentally Friendly

Using super heated water to clean building facades ensures that no harmful chemicals are used to clean your building.

London Buildings

The variety of London buildings makes rope access the ideal solution for any number of access issues. Whether its the height or the location of the building, our abseilers can reach it all.

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