Brick & Stone Cleaning

brick & stone facade cleaning without scaffold

Facade cleaning using rope access, allows almost any building to have the dirt and grime removed without the need for access equipment or scaffold.

All equipment is removed from site at the end of each day, leaving everything as it should be. There are no local authority permits required either!

Brick & stone made easy!

brick & stone cleaning services


natural stone

Stone cleaning using super heated water at 150º, delicately removes ingrained dirt and algae growth without damaging the surface of the stone. There is also less water run off as it is steam that comes into contact with the stone.



Brick cleaning can be carried out using either high pressure or low pressure water. In both cases, the water produced is at a high enough temperature to enable the cleaning to take place using the power of steam.


paint & graffiti

Paint & graffiti can be often be removed using steam, but in a lot of cases a chemical will be required. The chemical is applied locally to the affected area only, then steam cleaned to remove all traces of the graffiti.

brick & stone cleaning equipment


TORIK Stone Cleaning Systems have undergone extensive  research to ensure that they are capable of carrying out the job perfectly. And they do!

These machines produce temperatures of an amazing 150º C, which really is fantastic considering that it is 100% portable and fits inside a small to medium size van.

TORIK Stone Cleaning System meets the most discerning specification requirements while being portable and efficient.

TORIK’s controllable stream of high pressure superheated water and steam quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and many other types of soiling.

TORIK stone cleaning system is a two-component piece of equipment that is mobile enough to be transported in a van, yet robust enough for even the toughest stone cleaning projects.


super heated water

Our machines which have been specifically designed for stone cleaning, heat water to 150 degrees centigrade. So is effectively harnessing the power of steam to delicately clean natural stone without causing damage.

high pressure cleaning

Our high pressure cleaning machines still work using the power of steam but, at twice the pressure of our stone cleaning machines. These are better suited to hard surface areas or brickwork.


Whichever machines are best suited to your particular requirement, they will be transported to site and away from site at the end of each working day.